Come join me for 

and leave feeling like you have a whole
new and refreshed practice!


Date: TBD

Are you a brand-new student of yoga and you’d like to learn more about the postures and the alignment?

r, are you someone who’s been practicing for over a decade (or more)  and would love to refresh your alignment and know more about how you can keep your body safe while practicing as much as you love to practice?

ometimes, when you practice a lot, you may end up pushing yourself into things and exacerbate injuries that you know about or also hidden injuries that lay dormant. 

I’ve spoken to many practitioners who say they have injured themselves over the years and then they don’t feel good in their practice or they have to take time off.
This is not the way that it should be!

You get to feel good in your body and practice in a way that creates longevity, vitality, strength, flexibility, and experience the real joy out of your yoga practice.


Come join me for a Posture Masterclass where you will learn:

  • How all the popular 26 Hot Yoga poses should be practiced—and how to avoid injury and feel good every class
  • Learn how the planes can support your practice in a whole new way
  • Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them: The secret ingredient that transforms every single one of your poses to become stronger and better aligned
  • The 70% rule that will improve the benefits from your practice
  • What to do if you are injured; inflexible, or if your body just “won’t do” what the pose demands
  • And more!
We will also complete with a nice long meditation and sound healing as Lauren plays the Gong and supports you to leave feeling inspired, empowered, peaceful, and fully alive.